Is the drugs situation alarming in Mauritius?

July 20, 2016

I was going through news articles on this morning and my attention was caught by two articles that spoke about drugs seized in Mauritius.

Drugs Mauritius

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One mentioned heroin worth Rs 11M was found in a trash can at Pailles while the other mentioned « synthetic drugs » worth Rs 159 300 was seized at Palma by the Anti-Drug & Smuggling Unit (ADSU) of the Mauritius Police Force. In the latter case, the suspected dealer is a young fellow of 25 years.

Those are commendable actions by the ADSU; although it would be highly expected that throughout the years that ADSU officers have been investigating, at least they’d go higher up till the source of drug trafficking in Mauritius; and not stop at roadside dealers.

People have been questioning on the consumption of synthetic drugs by the youth recently. There have also been reports of college students consuming drugs and one story even relates how a kid of 8 years old meets a dealer looking to buy good stuff (drugs).

Meanwhile there has been constant denial by our local ministers (health & education) claiming that the situation isn’t as alarming as reported by the press.