In peace, justice and liberty

September 5, 2014

We are in a peaceful country, in justice yes I believe, as for liberty that’s what I am fighting for. When I first voiced out my concerns regarding the Government IT infrastructure a lot of people kinda discouraged me. They said no one speaks against a government, no one speaks against an authority.

However, in my innocent language I used to say my problem isn’t with the government or the authorities. There is a problem in the infrastructure, you just have to fix it. If you can’t fix it, then please don’t ask me to trust you. Now, if I can’t trust you, then there is no way I am giving you my fingerprints and biometric photo. It’s all about trust!

When we were kids we would sing the national anthem every morning in school. Yet, these three words have never been so dear to me, than they are NOW!

I am peaceful, I need justice and I want my liberty preserved rather than snatched away. The day a government forces me to give my fingerprint, my liberty is gone!