I love you #Mauritius

February 4, 2016

Dear all,

I have no words to express my gratitude towards the citizens who showed unconditional love & support to me and my family. My life was brought down to the ground on mere suspicion without evidence and the signature of high officials who blindly signed papers produced to them. Those who are entrusted to protect the country and its citizens acted like terrorists and terrorized my family & dear ones. Why? Oh! Because it is written in the law? Nah, it’s because they did not use common sense in their investigation.

Since the very first moment I was approached by the investigators, I cooperated with them in good faith, trying to help, but later I only found that these people are here to frame rather than to investigate.

I was angry, I am angry, not just because how I was treated but because every minute was crucial and I witnessed their mistakes and how they did not fathom which way to tread on. At all moments I was thinking what would have been my condition were I someone who did not understand technicalities of emails and computers?

I have been reading several articles & comments on defimedia.info and lexpress.mu since last night. Some of the comments made me smile, some of the “anonymous” comments made me facepalm. I even read one comment that said it appears strange how could I be so calm, confident, smile and show the “victory” sign to fellow journalists? Do I have to tremble, cry, hide my face when I have not committed any crime?

Some people (investigators) decided to play questions & answers at the cost of my reputation and career, with their acrobatic arrest, detention and all; though the first five days no statement was recorded. My hard drives were cloned only on the 9th day, although strong arguments were thrown that this is a matter of National Security. At this moment, I do not know if the investigators have peeked into my data or not. Well, let them search and come forward with whatever allegation they have. Their allegation changed version twice already, we’re right now on Allegation Version 3.0. I’m eager to see what will be in their next update.

Folks, I say it again, I love you all <3

I sign off here, got to catch up with work, pay my bills etc.


Ish Sookun