I am a Linux polygamist

June 16, 2014

I believe I have a heart large enough to love two (^^,) …

In fact, since I announced a few stuffs about Ubuntu Mauritius many have been asking, “hey, what about openSUSE?”

openSUSE-funkyI would be like, “well, I love openSUSE and I adore Ubuntu as well”. It’s as clear as that. I spent years as an openSUSE Advocate & I am thankful to the openSUSE community for having taught me a lot in community management. That’s been an awesome experience.

ubuntu-mauritius-220I have used Ubuntu for years as well & lately I have been more in touch since my work requires me some Ubuntu tweaking. I thought this could be a great time to direct the energy in forming Ubuntu Mauritius.

On that note, I still have plenty of machines running my beloved openSUSE & a lot of machines running the sexy Ubuntu 14.04. Yeah baby, that sounds horny!