Humiliation of the Mauritius Police Force. Seriously?

March 13, 2016

Recently a video of a Police officer made buzz on the social networks. The video showed the officer acting in a strange way that would prompt any individual thinking him to be under the influence of alcohol or maybe some sort of drugs. Truth could only be found through some lab tests, but were any test carried out transparently? I do not know, I cannot say. An article appeared on stating that the alcohol test carried out was negative. Since the person is a Police officer and the situation was already causing “shame” to the Police, could it be possible that the test was not properly carried? Why no other tests? Maybe a blood test to search whether something other than alcohol was consumed. Besides it is not said whether the alcohol test was carried instantly after the incident was reported.

Another article on stated that the person having posted the video on Facebook has been interrogated by the Central Criminal Investigation Division and he might be charged under the ICT Act 2001. Reason stated is that the video on the social networks causes “humiliation” to the officer. Oops! When it comes to the image of the Mauritius Police Force, they step up in a defensive position rather than setting an example by investigating the whole matter in a transparent way and assuring the population that if ever Police was at fault then serious actions would be taken. We have to note that in the video, the Police officer was shown as being implicated in an accident while he appeared to be in a state of trance.

To the Mauritius Police Force, questioning the efficiency of Police is humiliation. I might not agree with the person to have posted the video revealing identities of the officer and other persons therein. However, there is little information about the ICT & Data Protection laws on the island while the use of ICT has grown very rapidly in recent years. Should the Police just go around blaming everyone and arresting them under the ICT Act?

Wait? I might have seen Police acting differently a few days go. I recall Police doing arrests in a pompous style in the fraudulent horsepower case at the National Transport Authority. I did not see the Police considering the reputation of people back then when arresting people one after another, BUT… the moment a Minister was implicated, all of a Police tactic changed. Police allowed people to come forward if there are changes in their horsepower and there would be no arrest.

We celebrated the 48th year of our independence from the British rule yesterday. However it remains for us to ponder whether we’re are free in the country or rather being subjected to a false impression of freedom.