Hon. Prime Minister of Mauritius holds old ID Card

November 24, 2014

mnic-imageAs it happens, someone seems to have taken an oath to speak the truth in court yet he lied. Let’s see with evidence. Even those who did not attend the MNIC court proceedings, they must have read in the press1 that it was tossed in court; the Hon. Prime Minister of Mauritius holds the new Biometric ID Card.

Pour sa part, Rao Ramah, project director du MNIS, a souligné que 92 % de la population adulte s’est déjà fait enregistrer et a eu sa carte d’identité biométrique. Ce qui signifie que 850 000 personnes, dont le Premier ministre, possèdent déjà leur nouvelle carte d'identité.
Source: L'Express

Hon. Prime Minister of Mauritius holds old ID Card

However, today during candidacy registration at the Electoral Commission office, it was caught on video that the Hon. Prime Minister still uses his old National ID Card.

See at 01:45 for the old ID Card


Old ID Card captured in video

A good fellow, Vrijnesh, contributed the following image showing how it would have looked if the Prime Minister had used a Biometric ID Card during the registration process.


Image contributed by Vrijnesh Soomaroo

Those who have obtained their Biometric ID Card, they got their old card punched where the ID number is printed. This is done by the MNIC to prevent further usage of that card since the number becomes unreadable.

While I am glad that the Head of State respects the judiciary and did not register for the new ID Card even though the MNIC made pompous and lavish marketing campaigns as well as misleading video adverts on the National TV & Radio, I deplore the attitude and guts of a State representative for having reportedly lied in court.

[1] L’Express: Carte d’identité biométrique: Ish Sookun démontre l’accessibilité des données

Video Credit: ION NEWS Image source: MNIC Youtube Channel