Health minister speaks about "patients" seeking a "hotel-like" experience

July 25, 2016

Albert Einstein speaks on human stupidty

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by Daniel Hagerman

I start the post with the famous quote of Albert Einstein on human stupidity.

Our health minister, Mr Anil Gayan, has left no stone un-turned to prove the above in his recent controversial comments. While comparing private and public medical facilities during a workshop by the National Drug Observatory he stated that people seeking medical services in private actually want a “hotel-like” experience.

Should be he pointing to his ruling party colleagues?

In July 2011, Maya Hanoomanjee, the the former health minister was admitted to Apollo Bramwell prior to her “interrogation” by investigators of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). Apollo Bramwell is a private medical facility; which the health minister would explain as being a hotel-like destination.

In September 2011, Showkutally Soodhun was admitted to Apollo Bramwell following an arrest warrant issued in his name.

In October 2013, the Senior Puisne Judge, Eddy Balancy was admitted to same private clinic, Apollo Bramwell.

If we go by the explanation of Mr Anil Gayan, the above persons chose Apollo Bramwell while seeking a “hotel-like” experience? Why didn’t they visit a public hospital rather?

While the fees of private clinics would not be readily affordable by most citizens; I find it utterly inappropriate for the health minister to criticize those who prefer being admitted to a private medical facility than a public one.