Gimp – Save for web plugin

February 7, 2013
linux gimp

Back in Linux Mint there was this nice plugin in Gimp called Save-for-web. It allowed saving pictures in small size yet keeps a nice quality. This saved the hassle of messing with settings manually every time you needed to export something for the web.

I missed this plugin in openSUSE. So, I searched the plugin online and found it at the Gimp plugin registry. I downloaded and noticed that it needed to be compiled. Here I’d need the source files for Gimp; that means installing “gimp-devel” package. Before doing that I said let’s search for gimp packages available from the repos and did a “zypper se gimp”. It brought me a long list packages. To my surprise I also found “gimp-save-for-web”. Yes, the plugin was already bundled and available on the repos. :)

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