Geany, themes pack

September 23, 2014

Installed Geany on a fresh Ubuntu machine & I realise it does’t have much to offer as customization. Ran a quick sudo apt-cache search geany yet nothing about the themes. I did an Internet search and then I realised the last time I customized Geany it was using template config files from Codebrainz Github page.

Just download the zip file according to your Geany version & extract the .conf files to the ~/.config/geany/colorschemes folder. These should be now available under View > Editor > Color Schemes.


There’s a vertical line representing the 72-character line break which you might also want to get rid of. Do it by disabling the Long line marker under Edit > Preferences > Editor > Display.


What is an IDE?

IDE stands for integrated development environment and that’s a software which¬†facilitates the work of software developers. An IDE consists of a source code editor, build tools and a debugger.

Update – 25/09/2014

As JoKi states in the comment below, yes, indeed it’s easier to pull updates via Git.
$ cd ~ && git clone $ geany-themes/
Use Git to pull the files on your machine and run which copies the theme config files to the correct path.