Functional JavaScript by Michael Fogus

July 27, 2013
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I started reading Functional JavaScript a few days back. It started with my quest for expanding knowledge of JavaScript and making out the most from the wonderful libraries/frameworks available on the web.

The author, Michael Fogus, starts the book by giving a short introduction to Underscore.js which is a JavaScript library that supports functional programming. He goes on and explains how this library can fit in projects and shares his experience. So, from here I researched a little bit more about Underscore.js and then proceeded with the book.

The author however makes it clear that this book isn’t an introduction to JavaScript. Therefore some basic knowledge on the topic is expected prior to reading. He also suggests other books that could be a start place for programmers looking for a better insight at functional programming.

The roadmap of the book is clearly defined. Readers can have an idea what to expect from this book just by looking at the roadmap.

Reading the book has been indeed a knowledge-enriching experience. On the brighter side source codes used in the book are available on Github which makes playing around more fun.

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