Freehand drawing

April 6, 2013
doodle drawing

I needed something to focus on for some time. I looked around … Googled … Surfed … Read FB feeds … Read news … and after all that only 30 mins went by. Huh! I wasn’t bored. I just wanted to have something else in my mind. Then “dring” … Something came. I grabbed the car keys, went to the supermarket, bought a couple of pencils & a small drawing book for kids. I came back home and started to scribble. I still needed something in mind though, which I could put on the paper.

I then looked at the laptop, then the paper, then the laptop again. Finally …

Close enough. ;-)

Yet more doodles

April 28, 2014
doodle work-life-balance journal

What’s a doodle?

April 1, 2014