FreedomCamp #NoToBiometricIDCard

July 28, 2014

A Sunday not like others. Remember earlier I wrote that on Sundays I usually spend my lazy time studying new stuffs. I don’t go out, just stay at home and find something that may keep my mind busy.

liberty-festivalYesterday morning, as it was Sunday, I woke up late, all lazy, switched on my laptop while still rubbing eyes and my hair as if just done a zumba dance. IAM (let’s keep him anonymous since he adores being called IAM) pinged me on facebook and said a group of artists are going to Tamarin for some musical preps for the FreedomCamp (Liberty Festival, remember). He asked if I’d like to join. At first I was like, aaaargh I had much beer the night before & my brain had yet to process those. Then I thought, hey it’s always cool to be around these artists. It’s a different world & I get to learn stuffs.

The FreedomCamp follows "festival de la liberté", happening on Saturday 2nd August 2014 at Santosha Refuge, Tamarin. It's a "moment de partage" where everyone is free to share their views and opinions about freedom. To note, this activity is being encouraged by the platform No To Biometric ID Card in the wake of Government going ahead unethically with conversion of identity cards while several groups are contesting the collection of biometric data and three court cases are still in process against the Government.

Around 14h00 I met IAM at his place, others joined a while later. We had some fun chat & then moved to Tamarin.

Oh! Oh! Thinking of musical preps, I had in mind some sort of studio. However, we ended up on the BEACH ( :


Nice. Different. Let’s see how it unfolds. I helped folks to carry one of the lightest instrument. I forgot how it’s called. It’s a wooden square tabla. You can sit on it & have a chill time drumming. You’ll see one in action later in the pictures.




I grabbed the moment of bliss to pen down some ideas

IAM & Laetitia are wonderful singers. Stephan & Dean gave a great musical support while Didier & I were part of the audience ( :

I won’t spoil the fun by giving you full videos of the songs but to give an “avant-goût” here’s a short recording.

By nightfall, Vincent built a campfire and we moved there. It was awesome. Slowly more folks joined in with their beer.


Vincent setting up a campfire



20h00, fire burned down the wood and some folks bid goodbye. We stayed a while getting warm near the hot ashes.


We left around 20h30. Everyone happy, smiling, yet this time chilling with cold ( :

On that note, geeks & hippies alike, I have the pleasure to invite you again for the "festival de la liberté" as from 18h00 at Santosha Refuge, Tamarin and we shall have a wonderful FreedomCamp on the beach. Long Live Freedom!