Food Lover’s Market Café & their Wi-Fi

September 9, 2013

If you want to limit access to your Wi-Fi, what is the first thing you do? Secure it of course. Now, what you do after securing? Don’t share the key with everyone of course.

Then why do the Food Lover’s Market Café advertise their Wi-Fi key like noobs. If they wanted each & everyone to get access, then they shouldn’t have secured it in the first place. The key is on the tables, on the walls & even in the open space.

Well… I am making a fuss over this because since they have published their key not even one time I’ve been able to connect. Every time my tablet goes in a loop to acquire an IP address. Upon questioning, the staff dared to answer “Maybe too many people are connected”! Yeah… Yeah… but how come too many people are connected at a time when you have just 10 persons in your Café and none of them are browsing?

I again felt like teleport-ed to some kind of backward dimension where technology has advanced but people’s thinking capacity shrunk.

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