Fake news from the Government of Mauritius

April 4, 2017

I was sitting under the shade of a tree next to Paul Octave Wiehe Auditorium at the University of Mauritius when I read a tweet about “fake news”.

I found that S. Moonesamy had replied to the tweet with a note on fake news which he wrote some time ago. I recommend reading that as it is an interesting one. To cut long story short, however, I can tell you that the most pertinent part of S. Moonesamy’s note is about a fake news that appeared on the home page of the President of Mauritius.

President of Mauritius - home page

In order to check facts I visited the Twitter profile of the President of Mauritius. The tweet is still there ten days after S. Moonesamy’s note was published.

President of Mauritius - Twitter profile

The tweet includes a link to usa-television.com which some time back was reported as fake news by lexpress.mu. It raises a lot of questions on the vetting process of what is published and what is not by the PR team (if there is any) of the President of Mauritius.

In fact, apart from the fake news that was published on the President’s twitter profile there are other issues such as the poorly chosen Twitter handle “@PresidentMtius” and the not so appealing profile name “StateHouse Mauritius”.

I didn’t embed the President’s tweet as that might be deleted once this buzz reaches the right ears.

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