facebook valentine nonsense

January 12, 2014
facebook security privacy

It’s 2014 and instead of people rising, I again am constantly faced with the bitter fact that people are yet still easy to fool. YES! I am talking of the Apps people use on facebook. Two days ago I posted a status saying anyone who sends me Valentine’s requests will be on my HIT list. I thought people would consider this message and stay away from crappy Apps out there. Wait! You thought it’s a genuine app? Use some common sense and tell me how does a human-coded app decides about your Valentine? It only juggles with your friends list and associates your name with someone randomly. Did you think God has blessed this app with powers like Aphrodite? Nope! So, associating your name with someone does not make he/she your Valentine. It just makes you look like an idiot. Yes, I’m harsh on my words today.

Let’s say you’re not techie enough to distinguish between genuine & crappy apps. I went through the pain of clicking the link published along the apps to see how much techie one needs to be to identify something’s wrong.

I saw the first link along a picture that was totally fake, on my facebook feeds.

It loops through and the first stop is at http://jkfhsaniahgsdfsdf.blogspot.com/?fumble=5221. See the screenshot below.

It loops again and the next stop is http://aboot.pw/valentine, again see screenshot below.

The last stop reaches facebook with a notification on sharing info with Microsoft. Now, what’s that? Does it take a lot to understand that this thing is fake?

The initial link loops through different domains to finally land on something ambiguous. Clicking on the Privacy Policy link it opens Microsoft’s Privacy policy page (http://privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/default.mspx). Doesn’t it still look suspicious to you? An ugly looking app that loops through non-Microsoft domains ultimately finishing with a Microsoft claimed app with a Microsoft Privacy Policy.

I just hope not to see any more of such requests in the coming days.

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