Facebook spam? Oh! Come on.

December 21, 2014

This morning I got a notification from Facebook, about someone tagging me in a post. I checked and found the following:


I had 1 minute of silence over the continuous stupidity lurking on social networks, then I facepalmed. I could go on writing another analysis dissecting the rogue app but I said no, I won’t. That would be a redundant post. In the past I have written how these stuffs function;

Then during the day, an Internet user on the Mauritius Internet Users mailing list alerted people of this rogue app. Another one then provided his analysis, from which we denote the Facebook post will redirect & tempt a user into downloading a Google Chrome App called Better Music for Google Play Musicâ„¢.


I leave it to Facebookers now to use some sense while Facebooking or clicking on just anything and everything then later to complain they don’t understand how their computer gets infected/compromised.