Emtel Airbox, waiting since over a month

August 1, 2015

I applied for Emtel Airbox on 19 June 2015. I was initially told that the test for the line of sight and the installation will be done within 5 days. I argued with the sales guy in the Emtel showroom whether he was sure that it’s done within 5 days. I was assured of the 5 days time for installation. After a week since I was not contacted by the Emtel Airbox tech team for installation neither by any customer care officer to inform me about a delay, I sent an email to Emtel Ltd. I received a reply with an apology about the delay and the reason brought forward was that Emtel was receiving installation requests higher than expected and weather conditions were not favorable.

One month and counting for Emtel Airbox

I grin at that because if the marketing department could not anticipate there will be high number of Emtel Airbox requests after they advertise it without a precise bandwidth cap, well, they must leave this planet. It appears like marketing folks were unsure what they were doing and could not predict a proper outcome of their actions/suggestions. Besides I am also wondering if they were dumb enough not to anticipate that internet users who aren’t getting My.T La Fibre at the moment but who are eligible for Airbox would instantly apply. Damn! Do the country a favor and return to school (/_-)

Emtel AirboxDoes that sound harsh? Well, it’s intended. It’s the 1st of August and no one from Emtel has yet contacted me for the Airbox installation. I’ll let Emtel’s marketing geniuses do the calculation on how many days passed by since I made the application.

Oh. One more thing, I also asked Emtel’s Customer Support Officer whether Emtel Ltd has a first come first serve policy or villages are last in the line? A colleague of mine who resides at Beau Bassin made an Airbox application on 29 June 2015 and he received the teach team’s call within two weeks; while me, who made the application 10 days earlier, no one bothers to schedule an installation date neither inform me of any delay.

I exchanged several emails with an Emtel Customer Support Officer reporting the delay and questioning whether the tech team is waiting that my whole village applies for Airbox before they move here.

For information sake, I live at Providence, postal code 81602. Maybe Emtel tech team are having difficulties finding this village in their map. Anyway, from now on, I am not sending any more emails to Emtel, it is FUTILE! I shall write the waiting situation on my blog as a bad Emtel Airbox preview. Can’t call it a review yet.

Update - 2 August 2015

I was contacted by an Emtel Customer Support Officer today. I received the call on my mobile phone. We set a schedule for the Airbox installation. It’s due on Wednesday 5 August 2015, between 14h30 - 16h00. I was also informed that Emtel tried to reach me several times on 5855xxxx. I replied that is unfortunately not my mobile number, besides I also left my home phone number on which I did not receive any call from Emtel. The officer did not tell me how she got the correct mobile number. What counts more now is what happens on Wednesday.