Election! Common sense.

November 9, 2014

Election times are the worst moments when an opinion could lead to mass violence. The past few weeks we have seen our local politicians, including party leaders smearing mud at each other & dragging “religion” in their public statements. Folks, just use your common sense while listening to any of these. I am young and yet I have seen all of these various party members being friends once upon a time. So, I’m more interested in knowing what solutions they have for current problems, rather than hearing their gossips in public meetings.

Just as in today, I saw a picture on facebook published with the following message:

Please share... Scenario similaire hier a Mare d'australia dans reunion PTR-MMM Il recoit plusieurs coup y compris avec des "helmet"... Sa faute a été de demander une question a bhai Anil. Tout c'est deroulé sous les yeux des candidats et ils ont terminé la reunion toute de suite avant de prendre place dans leur voitures.. Journaliste inviT a faire investigation pour plus d'info...


While I can’t say if any “fight” did happen in Mare D’Australia, I can say for sure that picture is misleading. The person may have said in the text “scenario similaire”, meaning something similar happened. However, few people will catch those words. Pictures speak far more than texts. A lot more people will jump to conclusion just looking at the picture & violent incitement won’t delay.

Now, that photo isn’t even from Mauritius. It must have been taken from the web since the photo is from a brutal fight that happened on a street of New York.


Article found at NY Daily News

I’d say again, simple matters can degenerate quickly if not controlled and irresponsible actions like this continue on social networks.

Tip: For the sake of spreading quick news, use twitter and all but don't try to embellish your "news item" with irrelevant pictures.

Voice out your opinion all while respecting others.

Peace to all!


Update - 9 November 2013, 20h40

As I said, few people will notice (or understand) “scenario similaire”. It didn’t take long for yet another political party to strike back.