Developers Conference awesomeness, day 3...

April 26, 2015

Here comes the last day of Developers Conference 2015. As the final hours were waning, we could see the emotional moments of goodbyes happening.

The morning of Saturday started with Microsoft Global Azure bootcamp. I could not say “No” to my folks from another planet when they offered me a Microsoft t-shirt. Aww! That was sweet and I wore it :-)

Arnaud Meslier along with his team of Microsoft Student Partners gave us an insight of Azure. The slides showed some interesting stats about the engagement of Microsoft with the open source community.


Linux mascot, penguin seen on Azure presentation slide


Stats, as shown :-)

We then had a chit-chat in the lounge, taking pics, poking fun. SM arrived by that time and as usual we had matters pertaining to the Internet in Mauritius to discuss. A small group among us then went to attend a prez by Jeremy on integrating AngularJS with Symfony.


Next I attended a presentation on Search Engine Optimization by Julien Falliu from Expat blog.


Afterwards Ajay, Nadim and I spent some time interviewing folks. SM and Shelly gave us a nice interview about their presentations. Shelly explained about the Mauritius Internet Users while SM gave details about the Privacy Compliance Assessment.

The last day was a lot about networking as well. We spent the afternoon at Flying Dodo where the Maker Space was scheduled. We were a little group of geeks debating various topics. The most interesting was that of having “foreign expertise” whenever a Government project is announced.

Some of us stayed till the evening having good time chilling with beer & pizzas. In and all, DevCon 2015 was a great experience networking with like-minded folks and learning new tricks. Let’s keep the smile for DevCon 2016 and maybe also welcoming some great speakers to Mauritius :-)