Data entry jobs – Scams!

June 15, 2013
facebook scam

A while back I came across a link on Facebook that claims to pay people for data entries. I’ve seen a lot of such scams & many times people sharing those stuffs. Well, there could as well be some genuine businesses going out there, so how do we differentiate?

Ok … Let’s analyze!

The link I saw on Facebook was Open it and it redirects to : The latter is poorly designed, yet I’m sure it gona make a lot of people fall into the trap with it’s “Jobseekers Earnings” counter.

Let’s look closer at what we’re dealing. Is it a website that transactions money yet it does not have a digital certificate? Yeah… Yeah… I should trust it.

Check the contact details and you’ll get:

Head Office Rackspace Outsourcing A-3001 Technology, Inc. 115 Broadway, 13th Floor New York, NY, 10006 E-mail Support [email protected]

Oh! Come on … A company that has enough of dollars to pay you, yet it needs to hide behind a gmail address… and Rackspace Outsourcing?? Rackspace is a completely different company and they could not have registered a name so close to the brand in New York.

Let’s run a whois on the domain. What do we get?

Administrative Contact:
Michael Artherton ([email protected])
Fax: +1.4189072203
961, boulevard Champlain
Quebec QC, G1K 4J9

Run the whois on and we get:

Registrant Name: Michael Artherton
Registrant Address1: 28 La Cos Plaza
Registrant City: Madrid
Registrant State/Province: Madrid
Registrant Postal Code: 28040
Registrant Country: Spain
Registrant Country Code: ES


We have a company with no business registration details, having a .us domain registered from Spain and another in Canada, promising Indians to work for them and get paid in dollars. Are you guys ready to fall into this trap? We, Mauritians, have recently been victims to ponzi schemes. I have been screaming to friends about ways to check authenticity of companies (especially financial ones) & been warning against online scams. Still … Everyday I see people sharing these stuffs, making quick money investing in gold, forex, and the so-called stay-at-home-make-money schemes.

Moreover if you care to Google about Rackspace Outsourcing, the question would be answered already. See :


Folks! If money making was really so easy, all of us should have stayed at home. Believe in your hard work and not promises.

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