Configure NNTP for openSUSE forums in Thunderbird

June 20, 2015
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The Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) is an application protocol that transports Usenet news articles from news servers to client applications. One such client is Thunderbird and some time ago during email discussions I learned the openSUSE forums still has a news server.

Set up openSUSE newsgroup account in Thunderbird

On the home window of Thunderbird, under ‘Accounts’, click on ‘Newsgroups’ and fill the credentials as in the image below. The email address should be [email protected] where User = your openSUSE forums username

Configure NNTP for openSUSE forums in Thunderbird Create Newsgroup account in Thunderbird

Click ‘Next’ and enter the Newsgroup server as You may put the account name as ‘openSUSE forums’ or something that seem fit to you. Then from the home window, click ‘manage newsgroup subscriptions’ and select the newsgroups to which you would like to subscribe.

Configure NNTP for openSUSE forums in Thunderbird openSUSE newsgroups subscription

You can then read the forum posts just as you do with threaded emails and reply by clicking on the Followup button.

openSUSE newsgroups in Thunderbird openSUSE newsgroups in Thunderbird

Thanks to Carlos E. R and nrickert from the openSUSE forums who replied my queries when I initially had hiccups in setting the newsgroup account in Thunderbird.

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