Complaint against the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation

February 15, 2016

Today I lodged a complaint to the Independent Broadcasting Authority against the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation.

Officers of the Central Criminal Investigation Division (CCID) came to my father’s house, where I reside, with a search warrant in the evening of 23rd January 2016. No information was given to me on what suspicion they are effecting the search. Neither was I allowed to read the warrant.

I however cooperated with the officers and voluntarily submitted them 23 items, including laptops, hard drives, memory cards etc.

While an officer showed me part of the warrant, it mentioned myself as being the owner of Indra Cybercafe, Lakepoint Complex, Curepipe. I instantly denied and informed the officers that I handed operations of the cybercafe to somebody else since 2011 and asked them what is the matter. They did not give me any information and said I must accompany them to the Line Barracks, Port-Louis.

At no moment I went to Indra Cybercafe at Lakepoint Complex.

In news reports on Radio, TV and the website of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation, it was said that I was arrested in a cybercafe in Curepipe. This is false information.

The broadcasting of unverified and false information by the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation highly undermines my credibility and my presumption of innocence with regards to the bias that has been caused in public opinion.

I have appealed to the Independent Broadcasting Authority to enforce its position as a regulator and a watchdog for the benefit of national interest.

Update: I received an acknowledgment email from the Independent Broadcasting Authority on the 19th February 2016.