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September 18, 2013
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Yay! I was able to make it to 2 consecutive MSCC meetups. With the work shifts that’s kinda rare.

####Who made it today?

Jochen, Nirvan & me… When I reached both were having a conversation on Clean Code Development (CCD). They were actually talking about the topics for Saturday’s meetup & CCD will be one of them. The full list of topics is available on MSCC meetup page. Nirvan & I met for the first time, though we previously did chat on facebook (yeah, that’s how usually geeks meet). So, we had a mini-introduction about work & how our IT adventure started. Then we got back to the Clean Code topic where Jochen explained about Root Cause Analysis (RCA) with regard to software bugs; how important it is to analyze the source causing the error/bug rather than just fixing it. That reminded me how we apply RCA and Root Cause Eradication (RCE) as System Admins. I related a couple of incidents I encountered during my time at Linkbynet & Orange. The topic will continue and be much more interesting on Saturday, so don’t miss it!

Yeah… Those who missed today’s meetup, we also talked about the dark side of IT. We related some of our own experiences. Those tossed some interesting stuffs on the table. Jochen then clarified my doubts regarding Apache Virtual Hosts from my previous Linux meetup post.

Nirvan had to leave early but before that he asked one of the waiters to take a picture of the geeks.

Jochen & I, we continued chatting about the upcoming Linuxfest. He related experiences he had back in Germany and gave me some tips on how I can apply them here when organizing the events. We talked about career advancement, how we leave traces online and they’re tracked by HR people doing some serious head-hunting. Jochen also gave me some tips on synchronizing my social network accounts and apply DRY principle from Clean Code Development. Wanna know what’s DRY? Meet us this Saturday at Talking Drums between 11h00 – 16h00.

Meetup ended around noon. Once again it was a knowledge enriching experience.

Photo courtesy, Nirvan Pagooah.

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