Cheering for motherland, Mauritius

March 12, 2015

I woke up this morning being thankful for the freedom I have in my country, motherland, Mauritius. I used to think differently some 10 years ago, when I wanted to leave the country. Things happened differently, I started as an entrepreneur at an early age, had ups and downs in business, then adventured with other jobs, learned along the way. I met many beautiful people during the ride, some stayed, some left for reasons only they know, it nevertheless has been a life full of lessons.

I stand today as a professional struggling to help my country in every way I can. I am a volunteer in various IT groups and I cheer from my activities.

This morning while parking the car in the yard, I raised my head to look at our Mauritian flag that mom fixed on the roof-top.


I looked at it with pride, honour and I smiled with nostalgic memories that flashed in my head.

Last year, a lot happened in my Mauritius which made many people think twice about the freedom we have. The second republic was talk of the town without anyone being able to effectively justify the need of it; was it just the fantasy of one person to stay in power? The mere idea of autocracy would send shivers down the spine. There was the struggle over the Biometric ID Card and I never found leaders of a country being so stubborn and making deaf-ear to the pleas of citizens.

Folks used to tell me, “Ish, beware of these people. They will remove you out of the way if you cause them trouble.” Alas, I was not the one causing them trouble but rather they were the ones causing trouble to my FREEDOM. A freedom I cheered so much. A freedom I learned to respect over the years. A freedom I was not ready to give up. I clung to that freedom and was not ready to let it go.

With the historic change in power following the general elections of 10 December 2015, damn, so many people felt relieved. Mom looked at me and said, “You now appear more calm.”

I was like, “Yeah, I now have to fight less, maybe.”

The country still faces many challenges. Together with all the dear patriots I am determined than ever to shape the country into a better Mauritius. Oh, by the way, people asked me before and I already answered, “politics is NOT the only way to help your country.”

I am a free citizen of free Mauritius and I cheer it everyday, not just on the 12 March.