Bootable Linux Pendrive

June 13, 2013
linux command-line

Many times I’ve seen people asking how to make a Linux bootable USB drive. These tools should be helpful if you’re running a Linux desktop already:

USB ImageWriter

However my favorite utility is dd. It’s usage is straight-forward by specifying an input file and an output file. The dd utility comes bundled in most modern Linux distributions. To create a bootable prendrive under Linux use the following command :

dd bs=4096 if=openSUSE-12.3-64bit.iso of=/dev/sdx

– where “bs” is the block size, “if” refers the path to image, “of” points to the target device and /dev/sdx is your pendrive/usb device.

Now, if you’re running Windows, the following tools should be useful:

Win32 ImageWriter
Universal USB Installer

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