Barbecue time

July 4, 2014

After a walk to Benares, today I had an episode of a ride to Benares!

In the earlier post, I explained a little about my workplace. It’s a cozy location close to nature. 15 - 20 mins walk & we reach seaside. Through a vehicle it’s even faster.


Once we reached the seaside, I helped gathering some sticks. Oh! That was a new experience & I was like on an important mission. You need to know that I spend far more time in front of the computer than going in nature.

Sticks were fine, good job. Jean-Luc lit the fire & prepared stuffs for the barbecue. He taught me that “fire” is “hot” and I shouldn’t play with it (^^,) …

By the way, those who don’t know it yet, I am vegetarian. Barbecue time for me mean grilled potatoes with cheese & veg sausages. While I am fine with sharing the same grill with non-veggies, I am still feeling sad for that poor chicken lying flat dead over the fire. Oh! Karma.



Anyway, my share of potatoes with melt cheese were just fine ( :


All ends well with some chilled beer!

A perfect chill-out moment in nature, giving oxygen to the mind for new ideas to sprout. Looks like week-end will be adorable.