Authenticity of the Python course

December 1, 2014

Since a few weeks, an advert regarding a Python course has been around the web; namely on Facebook and newsletters. It created a spark on social networks with young folks asking about the authenticity of the course. An Internet user reported the nature of the advertising campaign1 as intrusive since he never gave his consent for the advertising campaign.

On the website of the University of Mauritius I could not find any detail regarding the course, the fees, and the validity of the certificate. However, in the adverts the course is titled “Programming in Python” under the label of the University of Mauritius. The course fee is Rs 5,000 and displayed as MQA approved.


I emailed the Centre for Information Technology & Systems of the University of Mauritius to get further details. The director promptly replied, asking the lecturer to send me the requested information. It’s been a week now but the lecturer never emailed me anything. I approached the Mauritius Qualifications Authority who promptly replied me the following:

The Authority acknowledges receipt of your e-mail below. Kindly note that the course entitled "Programming in Python" has been approved for the University of Mauritius and is valid till 11 November 2017. The course is a non-award course and at the end of the course, a certificate of attendance is issued to the participants.

On that note, yes, the course is recognized but I can’t say if it will have much industry value being a non-awarded course. It might be good if someone is looking for a Python tuition but expecting to become a good programmer in just 5 days is a bold statement.

[1] campaign