Anomaly on the Mauritius Government Web Portal

December 1, 2014

Today the Government Web Portal came out of the 15 days downtime that was needed by the Government Online Centre to effect a domain name migration1.

As of 1 December 2014, the new address of the Government Web Portal is I checked the website and noticed glitches on several pages. Many of them haven’t been updated. A friend on Facebook even said a “recursive find/replace” looks like too much for some people.

However, what is more intriguing is what I am going to show in the below screencast. I’m just being lazy to write a lot.

Indeed, as seen in the video, the former domain name of the Mauritius Government Portal, i.e, is for sale.


On the other hand, the DNS servers of the new domain, i.e, are not based in Mauritius. Notice the nameservers in the screenshot below:


I could not find the new email address of the Government Online Centre at this page, so I rather informed the National Computer Board of these glitches.

[1] domain name migration, by S. Moonesamy