A moment with some cool journalists

May 23, 2014

I was invited by Abdoollah Earally, a rockstar journalist at L’Express, for an interview on the situation of MNIC website. Nothing serious, just a little bit of clarification on the term “hacker” and some quick words on stuffs already published so far.

It was a nice experience sharing moments with some cool journalists and technical folks. I was glad to find that L’Express is full-fledged into setting up a digital production team. That being said, we might have more video content from L’Express in the coming days.

Below are some photo highlights:





Photos, courtesy of La Sentinelle Video.

Awww! I was offered coffee (^^,) …

Abdoollah introduced me & Kishan (my old time friend who gave me a lift to La Sentinelle) to his team and offered a quick tour of their workshop. It was cool meeting folks around, especially one more geek, Florian, with whom I shared a little bit of geek chat.

In fact, as someone tossed the topic on www.gov.mu and asked me about the situation with Heartbleed, Florian added, “It’s been patched.” I was like “woohoooo”! Whistle-blowing or coincidence, we can’t say. I actually whistled the situation with Heartbleed in the article that appeared on Le Mauricien.

Once, I reached home, I naturally fired up the browser to check using Qualys SSL Labs tool. See the result:


However, yesterday the same website was still showing an F rating and was vulnerable to Heartbleed.


I asked myself again, whistle-blow or coincidence? Okies, let’s check. I went on the MNIC website and guess what, the search box is much more intelligent now ( : No more errors upon the use of “special” characters as was mentioned in the article in Le Mauricien. With that my fellow geeks, I conclude whistle-blowing is effective.