49th independence day of Mauritius

March 12, 2017

Today many will raise the national flag and sing the national anthem as we celebrate the 49th independence day of Mauritius. Members of the national assembly will brand themselves as the greatest patriots and give lengthy lectures on the progress of the nation. Opposition party members will tell the press about the dangers where we’re heading and that corruption has reached a peak as never seen before. Kids will merrily enjoy pastries & cold drink!

I sit here, pondering on the absurdities forced down our throat everyday by the constant oration of politicians during public ceremonies. The national television channel is best to portrait that.

Every year on the 12th March we hear long prose on patriotism. Each of the self-proclaimed patriots and saviors of the country will leave no stone unturned to smear mud at the opponent & remind us of the bad decisions and corruption under previous governments. Ironically, yes, every member of the ruling party slams the previous regime for corruption, then how come they lecture on the progress of the nation? Did we progress in corruption? Have our politicians become better & better at stealing under the nose of law?

Primate ape thinking

Primate ape thinking, image from pexels.com, shared under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

If one looks back at those forty-nine years of independence one would see only two families having ruled the country; with the exception of Paul Raymond BĂ©renger’s brief prime ministership from 30 September 2003 to 30 July 2005. Two families, fathers & sons to rule the country for nearly four decades. Politicians would still shamelessly call this as progress.

No institution in Mauritius dares question and investigate on the riches of politicians, especially if elected.

Board members paid by tax-payers’ money are picked on the basis of party adherence rather than technical expertise and/or qualifications. Nominees are cautiously put in key positions for continuous influence and to have eyes & ears everywhere.


Nevertheless on this day, like every day, I am grateful to the hundred of thousands of tax-payers, running the engines of the country and contributing to the economy. My gratitude to the countrymen on whose blood & sweat stands the foundation of motherland, Mauritius.

Image source, Wikipedia.org.

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