404-Page-not-found of MMM

October 31, 2014

Internet does not forget and it happens that good citizens do not forgive. This morning I saw a text shared on facebook which was in fact an extract from L’Express newspaper. It stated that following a mention of some page on mmm.mu, the same was removed and now an HTTP 404 Status error is displayed. Naturally, that caught my attention. I checked it out to investigate. Indeed, I was greeted with a « 404 - Article not found » message.


As I was about to look for the cached page, a good fellow, Yashvin posted the cached link on my facebook wall. That saved me time & he also gave a green light to blog since he reached his daily quota of blogging (^^,)


One can view the cached page here and for some offline browsing I am also uploading a PDF version of the same (printed from the webpage itself).

To those who gonna call this post politically motivated, calling me a political agent or whatever your vocabulary is, well, some food for thought: I am a geek & my thinking capacity is triggered when stupidity is thrown at people. I said it above « Internet does not forget and good citizens do not forgive » ... The aim of this post is to make you folks realize that by removing the page you can't paint another truth. I've been a passive watcher of the political events where people are expected to sit like a dummy box & take in everything that is being said as the ultimate truth. Wait! You folks might have forgotten God has given us a brain too. So, please, I do not have a problem with you folks doing politics, but for the sake of the country's intelligence not being ridiculed at international level, refrain from portraying us tech-incapable. Thank you! Cheers xD