Developers Conference 2018 Sessions Feedback App

May 17, 2018
Mauritius Developers Conference MSCC Web Development

The Developers Conference 2018 kick-starts today!

In order to make sessions information easily available, my developer colleagues from LSL Digital have built a Progressive Web App1 that can be accessed at

Video by Sandeep Ramgolam from original tweet here

The app also allows a user to login using his/her account and leave a feedback for the sessions attended. The app’s entire backend is written in Golang. If you’re interested in Golang or you simply adore the Gopher2 logo; you should attend the “intro. to Golang” session by Yusuf Satar3 in the Educator 2 room, VoilĂ  Hotel, on Friday 18 May 10h30.

The source code for the DevCon Feedback App is available on GitHub4. Sandeep Ramgolam, Nirvan Pagooah and Cedric Poilly contributed to the project.

If you are tweeting about the Developers Conference, please use hashtag #DevConMu.

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