MNIC acknowledges the letters of conscientious objectors

March 29, 2017
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I was at the MNIC unit at Emmanuel Anquetil Building this afternoon. Folks from various platforms, including « No to biometric data on ID card » and Rezistans ek Alternativ went ahead with their appointment for the enrollment for the new identity card. These citizens however do not consent to the recording and processing of their fingerprints. Each of the individuals have various reasons but they all agree on one thing; that is they are not consenting to the recording of their fingerprints.

Every individual arrived at the MNIC unit with a signed but common letter by each group that contains the reasons why they do not consent to giving fingerprints. Copy of the letters can be downloaded here:

Shelly and I reached Port-Louis around 13h30. We met Yusuf, Sandeep, Reuben and we had a chat about the steps undertaken that day.

A fellow who had just finished the enrollment procedures but refused to sign the “consent form” of MNIC showed us the letter that he submitted to the Officer-in-Charge. He told us that the officer was very cordial and helpful. The officer explained the procedures. He read and accepted the letter signed by the fellow. He then made a copy of the letter after stamping the official mark of the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation and putting a note that says « received on 29.03.2017 ».

Afterwards people proceeded to the nearby Pope Hennessy Police Station where they gave a statement that they applied but they were denied an identity card by the MNIC. They were given a Police memo and the OB number.

I was happy to hear that the Officer-in-Charge was a helpful fellow. I haven’t applied for the card yet. I still have several unanswered questions. I will send those to the Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation in the coming days.

I support the actions of both platforms to peacefully resist the compulsory consent of giving fingerprints to the Mauritius National Identity Card unit.

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