2016: Achievements of the ICT Authority

December 13, 2016
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I have on numerous occasions requested and asked for the annual reports of the Information & Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA). I never received them and it seems to be not an issue of concern that annual reports of the authority since 2012 have not been made public.

I understand that even journalists chased officers for the reports but in vain. Among the various attempts, S. Moonesamy also tried to get the attention of a board member from ICTA on the matter of missing annual reports… but nada.

Then in the recent weeks a series of questions were raised on the expenses by the ICTA board members.

The following articles would shed more light on the ICT Authority scandals that have rocked the year 2016:

Licenciement «injustifié»: Krishna Oolun réclame Rs 29, 8 M à l’ICTA ICTA: Tout sur l’affaire Trilochun Affaires Trilochun et Yerriah: «Il faut revoir le système de nomination», dit Subron ICTA: Sunjiv Soyjaudah licencié ICTA: faute d’imprimeur, trois rapports annuels pas disponibles Présidence de l’ICTA: les jours de Bhanoodutt Beeharee sont comptés PQ: Presque Rs 1 million de per diem pour le board de l’ICTA en 2 ans SAJ annonce le départ de Bhanoodutt Beeharee de l’ICTA ICTA: descente des lieux de l’ICAC ce jeudi ICTA: Rs 6, 6 millions en 18 mois pour les membres du board

What are the achievements of the ICT Authority?

After spending Rs 6.6 million of tax-payers money on the board members, shouldn’t we ask what did the ICT Authority achieve from those foreign missions? Are the board members accountable to anyone or are they just freeloaders reaping the benefit of having sung praises of L’Alliance Lepep during the December 2014 general elections?

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