Presentation on Vagrant provisioning

There was a presentation on Vagrant provisioning by Patrick Morin at the Developers Conference 2017. I was like ten minutes late when I entered the room. It was right after lunch and with all the talking and eating happening at the same time I was bound to be late. Patrick spoke about Vagrant. He explained the concept around a Vagrant box and gave an example of a Vagrantfile. Though he [Read More]

Symfony Mauritius

The number of user groups in Mauritius has increased in the last couple of years. Symfony Mauritius joins the club of local IT communities and I hope that they succeed in bringing together Symfony developers that could work on cool stuffs. I attended the presentation on Symfony 3 by Vanessa Chellen, Technical Director of Extension Interactive, at the Developers Conference 2017. She co-founded the Symfony Mauritius group. It allows her [Read More]

Real social networking at the Developers Conference

Google defines social networking as follows: the use of dedicated websites and applications to interact with other users, or to find people with similar interests to one's own. Developers Conference however allows many of the geeks on island to spend three days of pure networking. Some of us happen to meet up only once a year during this event. It's cool & fun. In fact, to my surprise I met [Read More]

Developers Conference 2017 - Keynote

The Developers Conference 2017 kicked off today. I reached Voilà Hotel at 09h20 after dropping LUGM Installfest posters at the University of Mauritius. Knowing that the keynote is scheduled at 09h30 I rushed. On the third floor there was a small queue for badge pick-up. I greeted Mary Jane who was laboriously going through the names list for the badges, picked up my badge and again rushed... to the fourth [Read More]

MNIC acknowledges the letters of conscientious objectors

I was at the MNIC unit at Emmanuel Anquetil Building this afternoon. Folks from various platforms, including « No to biometric data on ID card » and Rezistans ek Alternativ went ahead with their appointment for the enrollment for the new identity card. These citizens however do not consent to the recording and processing of their fingerprints. Each of the individuals have various reasons but they all agree on one thing; that [Read More]

Developers Conference 2017 - Linuxfest

Hey folks! We're back. It's time to meet up and have geek fun at the Developers Conference 2017. At its third edition, I am sure that, this great event of the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community will not disappoint you. Of course, there must be something in menu that will suit your appetite. Shelly and I have planned our DevCon weekend carefully. We'll be there all three days. I have a [Read More]

Can the MNIC really combat identity fraud?

If one reads the judgment of the Supreme Court in the case Madhewoo M vs State of Mauritius, one would find that a major argument that held the ruling in favor of the State is that of being able to prevent multiple enrollments; that is prevent a person from having multiple identity cards under different names. Below is a extract of the judgment where the former Project Director of MNIC, [Read More]

Font rendering issue in Google Chrome on Linux

I banged my head against the wall quite a few times trying to fix the ugly font issue in Google Chrome on Linux. I'm running openSUSE Leap and no hack with the chrome://flags or advanced font settings helped fix the font rendering issues. Until today... The best fix that I could find is to place a configuration file that instructs Fontconfig to disable hinting but to keep antialias on. [Read More]

The Minister of Technology cites the MNIC Act in his press conference

Top FM reported that the Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation said in a press conference that it is nowhere stipulated in the law that all persons need to have their identity card. I watched an extract of the video when the article was shared on Facebook. The Minister within less than a minute mentioned two things that would contradict each other. He first says that it is not stipulated [Read More]

Mauritius: No to biometric data on ID Card

I was at the MNIC id card conversion centre, Emmanuel Anquetil Building, Port-Louis, this morning. Folks from the « No to biometric data on ID Card » platform and Rezistans ek Alternativ were gathered for a common cause; i.e to apply for the identity card but refuse to consent to the recording of their fingerprints. Quick recap The Mauritius National Identity Card unit requires the signature of citizens on a declaration [Read More]