openSUSE-13.2-smallopenSUSE 13.2 was released yesterday. I downloaded and installed the same using the openSUSE GNOME Live CD. The first thing that caught my attention was Btrfs proposed for root and XFS for /home; though I didn’t explore Btrfs further.


openSUSE installation progress

Fonts are now smooth thanks to hinting & anti-aliasing set by default. Usually, this was what I’d do right after installation.

openSUSE Desktop

Flash player was installed with the first zypper up. Devanagri fonts are supported by default & this time fonts are well aligned in Google Chrome. I still find it weird that Google Chrome tends to break Hindi texts in other distributions, including Windows.


Google Chrome


GNOME menu

XChat has been replaced by Polari. I kind of like the sleek interface of Polari.


Polari IRC Client

VideoLAN already has VLC repository for openSUSE 13.2. Adding the repo & installing VLC Media Player is straight-forward.

openSUSE VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player
The openSUSE Linux distro is a community developed distribution. Novell/Attachmate and SUSE are the main sponsors and most recently SUSE has contributed core SUSE Linux Enterprise code to the project. The news received a warm welcome from community members.
Linux enthusiasts can obtain project from its wiki and get support from the forums and IRC channels. Contributors from around the globe help the project in various ways; namely by contributing code, maintaining packages, testing, designing media material, writing etc.