It’s been now 10 years since I visit Ganga Talao with the family on 1st January. The first time I went with some friends by bus … The year after I took family along and we went by taxi, then years later we had our own car. This year not having my car wasn’t an issue though, dad hired one. :-)

###Ganga Talao

Started the day going to Indra Cybercafé … not for usual business, just customary to be there on the first day, prayers & all. Afterwards we went to Ganga Talao, a long drive from Centre de Flacq. We arrived at Grand Bassin (Ganga Talao) around 12h30 & we could not find a parking space at the southern entrance. It’s beautiful to find so many people there on the first day of the year. I noticed the crowd is growing year by year. Maybe more people spend the whole 1-Jan doing prayers along-with family. I remember during childhood times we would just go to the village Mandir (temple)/Kalimaye and the rest of the day visit close ones, wishing happy new year.

Then we went to Terracine, Souillac, to a Kovil we usually visit. It’s actually at a family friend’s place. We offered prayers to Amma.

Finally drove north to Esperance Trebuchet to visit my maternal grand-parents. I took the Link Road, Ebène – Terre Rouge (first time). It’s indeed beautiful scenery along the way. Grand-parents were happy to see us. We spent some time there & came back home around 18h00, tired, kaput! That was my 1 Jan 2014.

Wish you folks a prosperous year ahead. Cheers!