Work shifts have messed up my whole body-clock. I’m on the work shift of 11h00 – 20h00 after two weeks of normal schedule. Reaching mid-week I can feel my system going upside down. Ok, that being said, Avinash, Natasha & I, we went out for a late lunch today around 15h00. Short in ideas we opted for Pirates Pizza at Beau Bassin.

Arriving there we ordered one large “Fromagère” and coke.

Now, to kick-off the boredom of work, I decided to douse chilli on my food. What’s the big deal in that? Ahaaan! I can’t eat chilly stuffs. In fact, even if you write “chilli” on paper and stick that on my food I’m gonna sweat. Yet, today I decided to have some.

Oh! That wasn’t bad. It was tikha as we would say in Hindi … but I kinda liked it. I added some more of the chilli & enjoyed it. :)

If you’re in the vicinity of Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill looking for a place to lunch or dine, try the “Fromagère” at Pirates Pizza (near Spar Windsor). For Rs 440 the large pizza is a good deal.