Finally all of LUGM Meetup videos are now on LUGM YouTube Channel. This was the first time “le me” trying video encoding. I had to do my little homework about encoders & all. I was initially baffled to see that each MOV file that Nadim gave me was above 1G in size. That would be too much to upload and I didn’t know if Youtube would accept MOV format. Then I remembered Harish mentioning about x264. A little bit of web mining and I had the required tools.

Oh! Due to some work adaptation, I am currently running Ubuntu 12.04 on my HP notebook. Getting the tools were straightforward using APT on Ubuntu. avconv was already installed, I just needed a couple of extras.

sudo apt-get install x264 libavcodec-extra-53  

Conversion would require something as follows:

avconv -i AMBA0075.MOV -c:v libx264 OpenSSH_1.mp4  

This command converted a 1.3G MOV file to approximately 200M MP4. Now, YouTube uploading becomes smoother.

A couple of tricks using avconv.

To know which formats avconv supports

avconv -formats  

To check available codecs

avconv -codecs  

To list video file properties

avconv -i video.mp4  

Converting FLAC to MP3

avconv -i music_file.flac -threads 8 -c:a libmp3lame -ab 320k -y music_file.mp3  

Here’s a list of videos from LUGM Meetup of 15th February 2014.

OpenSSH 6.5 Presentation Part I OpenSSH 6.5 Presentation Part II OpenSSH 6.5 Presentation Part III

Linux User Group of Mauritius, .mu Domain Presentation Part I
Linux User Group of Mauritius, .mu Domain Presentation Part II

Thanks to Ajay Ramjatan, Nadim Attari and Pawan Babooram for recording the presentations.