GNU Bash logo A few days before Christmas I wrote about the vote for the GNU Bash logo. As it happens, after recording 30,000 votes the winner was announced.

The shiny logo on the right, and also my favorite, made it! (^^,) …

Justin Dorfman, Director of Developer Relations at MaxCDN, who played a crucial role in the logo re-design, came up with another great idea. This time he’s been helping the Free Software Foundation (FSF) by promoting both GNU Bash and the new logo. How? Well, with the support of MaxCDN, they printed a bunch of GNU Bash stickers that feature the new logo. Now, they’re are not selling the stickers but instead calling for geeks to donate to the Free Software Foundation and they will send you a GNU Bash sticker. Isn’t that cool? Before you get into thinking, you may donate any amount :-)

There are however some rules to follow,

  • Make a donation of any amount to FSF
  • Print your receipt with a clear indication of your transaction number
  • Write your name & address with a stamp on a business size envelope
  • Put the self-addressed envelope & the receipt in another business size envelope & address it to:
Justin Dorfman c/o MaxCDN 3575 Cahuenga Blvd W Suite 330 Los Angeles, CA 90068

If you’re still wondering about the rules, well, they’re pretty simple. Your name & address should be clear on the envelope that will be used to send you a GNU Bash sticker. To avoid writing/typing mistakes in name/address, you’re asked to write the same with a stamp (strictly, no stamp means no sticker). Business envelopes are of size 4 1/8” x 9 1/2”.

GNU Bash laptop sticker

Your laptop could look like the above too. What are you thinking?

Justin initially announced the same on Twitter ^^ Image source: