It’s been a year around since I received my Raspberry Pi. Every time I thought of doing something with it … I felt lazy. Plus my TV at home did not support HDMI and using the analog Video cable isn’t so fun.

Prior to receiving the RPi I had loads of ideas in mind :) obviously. Once it arrived I lost all enthusiasm … until last night when I finally plugged it. With the analog video cable the output quality isn’t that great. Nevertheless, I was happy to have it booted. I made a bootable SD card of 8GB from the Raspbian image ( The first screen that shows up upon booting is a menu that lets you choose/set a couple of settings for your Rpi as shown below :

Finally playing around was so fun that today I took it to cyber and plugged it to the Sanyo TV (HDMI compatible). The display quality was great. Apart from the network everything else worked like a charm. Did some Perl and Python scripting … Should say yes the RPi is a nice kit to start with some programming.

Those wondering what’s a Raspberry Pi, it’s a credit-card-sized single board computer. The aim of its original creators is to encourage students to get up with some programming and computer science stuffs & making it something fun. With the awesome response received the RPi foundation’s project has been a great success.

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