I noticed my system time incorrect and right-clicked on the applet and clicked on preferences to modify. The applet crashes. I retried and it crashes again. I searched if it’s an existing bug in MATE version 1.6.1 but could not find more information. When the clock crashes a dialog box pops up saying “Clock has quit unexpectedly” and if I want to reload it.

I modified my system time through command line instead. Here are some handy commands for time modification:

Change system time

date –s hh:mm:ss  

Check hardware time

hwclock ––show  

Set hardware time

hwclock ––set ––date=”06/23/2013 21:00:00″  

Set hardware clock to system

hwclock ––hctosys  

Set system time to hardware clock

hwclock ––systohc  

I have submitted a bug report to the openSUSE MATE team.