A few minutes ago while searching about websites in Mauritius I came across some pages that appear dubious. They don’t appear to be Mauritian content while the domain was a .mu. I am talking about chili.mu. The web pages talk about downloading ebooks but let’s see what’s wrong with that.


The actual Chili.mu homepage

Chili.mu compromised

Someone looking for free goodies to download ^^ Appears innocent

Chili.mu compromised

Oops, not so innocent after all!

I have emailed MTML in the past alerting them of issues with their website. They fixed them. Well, I’ll alert once, maybe twice, then if you can’t get serious with your business, just too bad. As for the curious wishing to know what could have happened, just peek into how a .htaccess file can be exploited for malicious ends. The following discussion on WordPress.org might be useful.

The dangers of having your website compromised this way isn’t just about your company image but security-wise your domain could be used for illegal sharing and malware spread.

Sources: Chili.mu homepage Chili.mu compromised page 1 Chili.mu compromised page 2

The link content might change when you visit it. The pages are randomized on each visit.