Avinash Seetaram celebrated his xx’th birthday today.

When I reached office colleagues pinged me to send those funny emails I usually send out on birthday occasions. They most of the time include geeky poems with graphics that represent personality of the person in an exaggerated way.

I sent the mail and 15 mins later Nitin Bachraz hijacked Avinash’s PC to reply (to the mailing list) asking for huge hugs & kisses.

Around 15h00 we all (L2 MRU Team) met in the kitchennete for some celebration. A cake (which I didn’t eat since it contained eggs) and champagne (which we had to beg people to drink because it didn’t contain alcohol). If there was wine instead I’m sure the bottle would have vaporized within minutes. :-)

Finally a half-eaten cake and the champagne bottle was dumped on Nitin Sookun’s table.