World Intellectual Property Day

World Intellectual Property Day was celebrated on 26 April 2017. On that occasion the U.S Embassy and Turbine organized an event titled « innovating your way out ». It was hosted at the Turbine incubator at Vivéa Business Park, St. Pierre. I attended the event along with my colleagues from LSL Digital. There was a panel discussion which started sharp at 17h30 and it ended at 19h30. Fabrice Boullé from Turbine [Read More]

Huawei Innovation Forum

Last Wednesday Huawei (Mauritius) hosted a forum on the subject of "innovation" at Hennessy Park Hotel. It was a short event that consisted of a prize giving ceremony for the "Most Innovative Idea for an App" and a panel discussion on innovation. I attended the event with colleagues. Work from anywhere they say. Colleague spotted peeking at his #code as the #Huawei #Innovation Forum awaits more guests.#Mauritius pic.twitter. [Read More]

Stopping by the #RiSk[Solutions] hackathon

A few weeks ago, Ajay Ramjatan, the President of the Linux User Group of Mauritius sent the executive members an email about a hackathon. It's organized by the "Fonds francophone pour l’innovation numérique (FFIN)" with the collaboration of OTAM, MITIA and the Ministry of Technology, Communication & Innovation. It is the fifth edition and this time it's happening in Mauritius. The event spanned over four days starting on Thursday [Read More]

UoM Career Fair 2017

I was at the career fair organized by the University of Mauritius yesterday. Nirvan and I were at the LSL Digital stand since around 09h00 and we had a chat with a couple few students who showed up early. We had a talk scheduled at 10h00, right after the tea break. It took some minutes for the students to show up. We had no fancy slides. The Director of LSL [Read More]

Are graduates underpaid in Mauritius?

I attended a workshop on IoT last week at the University of Mauritius. After the tea break S. Moonesamy (SM) and I continued having this discussion about the Developers Conference 2017. It appears that some people were furious over my Facebook comment about the panel discussion on 'Web Development in Mauritius'. Before I write further I admit that the comment that appeared on Facebook was not fully within the context. [Read More]

Are you embarrassed, sir?

During the weekend published an article that raises several questions on the statements of the Minister of Technology, Communication & Innovation. The article mentions that an elderly citizen enrolled for the new identity card in 2014 but her name was incorrectly printed on the card. Now, her grand-daughter is doing the necessary to rectify the same. She asked an officer of the Mauritius National Identity Card unit whether [Read More]

openSUSE Goodies Pack

As the Developers Conference 2017 was approaching Shelly asked me what am I doing with the openSUSE stickers and DVDs. I replied that I would distribute them to visitors when they'd come to the Installfest of the Linux User Group. That's when Shelly came up with the idea of having an openSUSE Goodies Pack. To keep it short it's a package containing various stickers, a bookmark, an openSUSE 42.2 [Read More]

Internet of Things workshop

I was invited by Gavin Sathan, lecturer at the University of Mauritius (UoM), to attend a workshop on the Internet of Things. I reached UoM at around 09h10 and looked for a parking space, which is usually the hardest thing to do there. Luckily this morning there was plenty of space next to the Paul Octave Wiehe Auditorium. As I arrived at the R. Burrenchobay Lecture Theatre at the Faculty [Read More]

Fake news from the Government of Mauritius

I was sitting under the shade of a tree next to Paul Octave Wiehe Auditorium at the University of Mauritius when I read a tweet about "fake news". [ BEWARE ] '' FAKE NEWS AND FAKE WEBSITE is belle et bien present in Mauritius. They are promoting their FAKE...— Kushal Awatarsing (@OfficialKushal) April 3, 2017 I found that S. Moonesamy had replied to the tweet with [Read More]

How to administer Slackware 14.2?

The last presentation of Day 1 at the Developers Conference that I attended was that of Slackware 14.2 by Pritvi Jheengut. Pritvi is a member of the Linux User Group of Mauritius and a usual suspect at such tech events. He is perhaps the most popular Slackware user on the island. He made a fierce reputation for that. Some know him for his weird methods of doing things but [Read More]